Our Services


As Quality Assurance & Compliance professionals, we value and prioritize the proactive management of organizational risks through practical solutions based on objective evidence and grounded thinking.

Whether your organization is looking to increase productivity or implementation of proven product liability protective actions, we have the Quality and Risk Management experience to set you up for success.  



At QAcanna, we use a combination of Virtual, Desktop and On-Site interactions that allows us to provide our clients the most value for their time. Not only are our services executed based on the most current applicable regulations, they also address potential deficiencies with conformances to very near future internationally recognized standards.


These proactive measures help insulate your company against potential risks and further ensure future regulatory sustainability.


Just knowing the regulations or standards within the cannabis industry is not good enough for current and future success. One must know how to practically yet effectively apply these regulatory requirements to various business models. QAcanna's team has decades of experience within  regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, food and dietary supplements. We have successfully led many regulatory body inspections, domestically and internationally, from periodic inspections to complex new product applications.

We are currently contributing members of ASTM International's "D37 Technical Committee on Cannabis" with respect to the development and publishing of the first internationally recognized and harmonized cannabis industry standards.



  • GMP/ISO 17025 Assessment

  • State License Application  

  • CAPA / Root Cause Analysis

  • cGMP, cGDP, cGxP Training

  • Process Validation

  • Health Hazard Evaluation 

  • Supplier Qualification

  • Risk Management

  • Analytical Lab Services

  • Management Reviews

  • Change Management

  • Process Optimization

  • Quality Records 

  • Complaint Handling

  • Mock Recall Procedures

  • Mock Regulatory Audits


Proactively identifying how non-compliant your organization is with current or future regulations is critical for successful operation and future sustainability. 

Regulatory Due Diligence evaluation will provide you with a comprehensive report that clearly identifies current regulatory deficiencies, along with the remediation requirements to rectify them. This process has also proven valuable as an addition to a robust investment due diligence process.  


Conformance and compliance to current and future industry best practices e.g. GMP, GLP is and will be critical to your business's growth. Today's cannabis industry is complex, continually changing and requires significant practical experience with industry best practices to ensure effective understanding and application.


An effective Quality Management System (QMS) ensures your organization can flourish within the rigid requirements of regulated industries, while producing safe and effective products for your customers.


A Quality Gap Analysis will identify your organization's current and potential risks. Proactive steps towards identification and remediation of internal deficiencies will ultimately lead to greater manufacturing efficiency, efficacy and ultimately profitability. 

Whether you are trying to obtain an industry standards conformance certification or just comply with regulations, our analysis will provide your organization with the road map for success. 


We have developed strong, strategic partnerships with industry leaders that provide practical expertise and peace of mind to our clients, while our internal team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) continually provide unparalleled, successful experience-based services.


All of our strategic partners have been exhaustively vetted to ensure professional integrity and alignment with QAcanna's ethical values and overall mission.